Questions empower growth and learning.

Live in a Culture of Curiosity

Fire Up Your Life, Create a Habit of Asking Questions!

Have you ever been caught in an assumption, where you or somebody else did not ask enough questions? What happened next? Maybe it was as simple as where and when a group was going to meet for dinner. Some people thought the group would meet right after the event that you were leaving. Others assumed another time. How does miscommunication change the energy?

Idea: Express curiosity by simply asking, “I’ve got 5 PM at Gary’s for dinner, is that what you have?” Or maybe it was something more serious. You start seeing a new doctor who prescribes a medication. Perhaps he doesn’t ask enough questions and you doesn’t as well. The medication is in conflict with what you are already taking.

Idea: “Would it be helpful if you knew what other medications I’m taking?”

Imagine you assume your friend is upset because they didn’t reply to your message, but in reality, they were just busy. Consider a situation where you assume a job position requires certain qualifications, so you don’t apply. Later, you find out they were flexible on those requirements, and you missed a great opportunity simply because you didn’t ask for clarification.

When studying or learning something new, if you assume you understand a concept without asking questions for clarification, you might miss out on important insights or end up with misconceptions that could hinder your progress.

Idea: Always ask questions before making any decision or taking or avoiding an action.

This book, to be released in late 2024, has the potential to change how you communicate. Why? If you understand the importance of asking questions and you can get more information by asking, you’ll be in a position to make much better decisions. That could change your life. The examples you are reading now are part of what you will learn in the book.

Are you sometimes thinking about making a change and then find yourself saying, that probably wouldn’t work anyway, or it’s likely too costly or . . . And you continue doing things the way you’ve always done them?

Is there any question you can think of that is related to making more money, or saving money?

Did you ever get into a relationship or friendship and then realize you didn’t ask enough questions about the person? Maybe then you’ve felt trapped and unhappy.

Are there times when you’d like to ask your boss or spouse a question and feel it’s too risky?

Do you find yourself telling a person how to do something rather than asking the person if he has ever considered doing it another way?

What would it mean to you to have the courage to ask the questions that you are aware of? Is it possible that you might even be able to ask deeper questions if you could just get started?

Would you like to be a more curious person? Do you imagine that would be useful? Is it scary to think about following through on your curiosity?

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    Children are filled with curiosity and ask lots of questions. It’s how we learn!

    As we begin school questions may not be encouraged and many times discouraged. We may lose the skill we naturally had for asking questions. If we stop questioning it can affect our learning. Sometimes the idea of asking questions, causes comments like, “I don’t want to be nosy.” or “If I need to know something, the person will tell me.” What if the person doesn’t know you need information?

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