Life Is a Series of Conversations

The conversations are ongoing, all through the day and even through the night. Many of the conversations are going on inside our heads.

When the conversations are going on inside our heads, it’s likely there are no questions being asked, unless, we deliberately decide to ask questions.  We can pretty much bet the conversations are filled with assumptions and stories we’ve made up about what we’ve observed. Those kinds of conversations are often unproductive.

Think back to the conversations that have been going on in your head just in the last 30 minutes.Remember the conversation in your head that kept you awake last night or some night recently?  Instead of conversations we might define these as monologues similar to the monologue of a late-night TV talk show host. There are a lot of words said and in the end is there anything that’s really useful?

Consider this; conversations that have value are filled with interaction, questions and listening between 2 or more people. This kind of oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas is stimulating, thought provoking, and can be very entertaining.

How can we interject questions into all our conversations?

When the conversations are going on in our head we might begin with “Hmm, I wonder what I could do about some of these thoughts I’m having? I’m wondering if there are some actions I might take? These thoughts keep going round and round in my head, who could I share them with?” The questions we ask could be very productive.

In conversations with others we might begin with, “ Really, or that’s interesting, could you say more about that? What caused you to come up with that idea?”

Just a few simple questions can move the conversation from just a dialogue or monologue into something most profound and provocative.

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