I met Judy at Colorado Speakers Association. She inspired me to follow my heart and speak to Dental Practices on customer service. When she was trained at Coach University she shared her incredible life changing information about the brand-new area of Life Coaching, I knew I wanted to be coached by her. That decision literally changed the course of my life. I was struggling with the sudden death of my father and sorting out my feelings about how others had treated me during the experience. My parents were divorced and my feelings toward my mom over his death had become dysfunctional. Judy lovingly guided me toward healing and re-building my life with her gentle touch. She changed my life with her non-judgmental questions, and her techniques of opening my heart to see that daily habits are the essence of finding stability in life. To this day, I reflect on many of our conversations. The blessing was that she guided me towards healing the relationship with my mom and our relationship flourished before she passed away. Judy naturally has the qualities that have blessed many lives with her coaching career. I am so thankful that I was one of them.