Julie Towers

I met Judy at Colorado Speakers Association. She inspired me to follow my heart and speak to Dental Practices on customer service. When she was trained at Coach University she shared her incredible life changing information about the brand-new area of Life Coaching, I knew I wanted to be coached by her. That decision literally […]

Jay Henderson

I’ve been working with Judy Sabah for years – nearly every single month. Why would I do that? Too many people miss this next point because they haven’t experienced the awesome benefits before. Maybe they don’t believe they deserve it and when they do… Whatever it is… There is nothing like having a professional “listener” on your team, in your world, […]

 Jordan White

It’s difficult to find words that capture my gratitude for Judy. We crossed paths in a divine way at a time in my life when I most needed somebody like her. A generous listener, a beautiful question-asker, and someone that provided a safe space to explore the bigger questions about my life, who I was, […]

Ayn Fox

I love hearing how you respond to questions and your thinking, and your philosophy.  You have a great presence via the telephone.  I particularly appreciated how you shared that sometimes you forget to apply the wisdom you teach when you are triggered.  And then how you turn that around.  I expect that would resonate with people listening, […]

Marilee Tolen

Thank you so much Judy.  I can’t tell you how good it was for me to talk with you about this – I’ve been harboring it for so long – I feel relieved and hopeful that I can move through this keeping your words in mind re: my health.  I will look at this form […]

Alex Winningham

I started working with Judy in 2018. At that time all I knew how to do was make statements and try to be hurt. Judy passionately coached me on the importance value of asking questions and listening to understand.  After my first session with Judy, I practiced asking more questions in the conversations I was having […]

Barbara Shor DMV

I have known Judy for many years. In 1999, as my coach, she helped me prepare for a big speaking engagement, giving me some extremely helpful suggestions and guidance. Through her compassionate support, she greatly assisted with my self confidence and the courage to live my life’s passion. I have worked with Judy since that […]

Karen Saunders

Judy is an exceptional coach. She is patient and kind, introspective and respectful. Her many years of coaching have polished a special skill set of guiding a client down the path to solving problems, making good choices and getting to the bottom of any issue. I love her mantra, “ask more questions.” Judy loves people […]

Paul Brunette

“Judy’s compassionate coaching re-connected me to my purpose and propelled me into action to finally complete and publish my book. Her empathy and deep listening created a space for me to explore my edges and the courage to take the next steps beyond my comfort zone.”